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For renewable energy schemes to be successful, it is vital that fuels can be cost effectively collected and transported to combustion plants. Assessments of fuel supplies and the effective management of logistics are crucial elements of any schemes.

Within the Wenet network you find a range of companies of harvesting and combustion technologies, managing of logistics and resource planning, heat-retaining stove manufacturing and modern district heating systems in all scale.

Wenet companies can provide combustion equipment ranging from major industrial-scale plants to stoves for heating single rooms.


1. Apuri Tuote Oy

Apuri-tuote Oy (Inc.) manufactures felling handles for chain saws used in transfer felling method in manual thinnings in young forests and pruning equipments for cutting branches of growing trees.

2. Ariterm Oy

Finnish manufacturer of heating boilers for all fuels. Power range 20-3000kW. Pellet heating equipment, bio heating equipment, prefabricated heating units.

3. Ebsolut Oy

Ebsolut Oy (Inc.) is a full-service software production company located in Kajaani, Finland. Ebsolut plans and carries out demanding data processing system projects and offers qualified subcontracting services.

4. Ecomond Oy

Ecomond Ltd is a Finnish software company that is specialized in producing optimization, planning and control systems for logistics.

5. Enon Energia Osuuskunta

The purpose of the Eno Energy Co-operative is to produce heating energy by providing wood chips for the three district heating power plants.

6. FA Forest Oy


The high efficient direct gasifier by GASEK Oy produces clean gas by an advanced GASEK TM process technology. It offers a unique solution e.g. to produce both green electricity and heat out of wood chips and other woody material. The range of our gasifiers is 150 to 500 kW which is ideal for decentralized and local energy needs.

8. Hassinen Veljekset Oy

9. HT Enerco Oy

10. John Deere Forestry Oy

11. Kainuun Etu Oy

12. KarelMet-verkosto

13. Kesla Oyj

Kesla is a manufacturing corporation specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of forest technology, and with complete mastery of the timber harvesting production line.

14. KETI Oy

15. Kit-Sell Oy

Kit-Sell Oy is a Finnish engineering and equipment supplier, whose products are used by biopower, sawmill and pulp industry all over the world, among others.

16. Konepaja Antti Ranta Oy

Konepaja Antti Ranta Oy is specialised on production of LIPE hydraulic trailers for transportation of wood-chips, pellets and peat.

17. Metsäurakointi Piirainen

Metsäurakointi Piirainen Oy manufactures accessories for forest machines and tractors. One of company's products is Wetla Track system for forest harvesters that makes logging on soft terrain more effective

18. Miktech Oy

Mikkeli technology Centre Ltd. supports development activities in research institutes and enterprises. Miktech concentrates on exploitation of new technology and inventions. Miktech is an activator for new inventions and promotes technology based business.

19. Nakkila Boilers Oy

20. Navitas Kehitys Oy

21. NK Bioenergy Oy Ltd

22. Pentin Paja Oy

23. Rejlers Oy

Rejlers will create value for its customers by providing qualified technical consultancy services, technical advice and turnkey solutions to Energy, Infrastructure, Industry and also Construction and property customer groups.

24. Saimatec Engineering Oy

Saimatec Engineering Oy is a Finnish engineering consultancy and equipment supplier, whose products are used by paper industry all over the world, among others.

25. Savonia Power Oy

Savonia Power Oy delivers power plants that run on biofuel for combined heat and electricity production. Our products have capacities of up to 15 MWth. Our strongest suit are modular power plant concepts and the high speed technology used in their power generation solutions.

26. Savonia University of Applied Sciences

In the field of Energy Engineering, Savonia University of Applied Sciences is specialized in Energy Production and Biogas Research. We offer Research & Development Services and Training in these areas.

27. Senfit Oy

Senfit's core competence is profound knowledge of microwave technology and its uses in industrial measurement applications. Our obligation is to produce industrial on-line sensors and analyzers for the forest, metal and other industries worldwide. Our latest innovation is moisture analyzer for peat and wood based materials.

28. Snowpolis Oy

29. Terosa Oy

Terosa Oy manufactures lightweight stump grabs for excavators.

30. Tulikivi Oyj

A listed family company, Tulikivi Corporation and its subsidiaries form the Tulikivi Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of heat-retaining fireplaces.

31. VTT


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