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The Wenet Concept

Wenet is a network of leading experts, organisations, manufacturing companies and suppliers offering tailored sustainable energy solutions which cover e.g. the entire wood energy value chain as well as modern district heating systems.

The Wenet network puts potential customers in touch with the firms, universities and research and training institutes who have the know-how they need.

One-stop shopping

Wenet offers best practices, business models and solutions developed and tested in Finland, and it provides turnkey solutions for efficient and sustainable use of local fuel resources. Wenet also arranges show-how’s, study tours or education and training courses in Finland.

Solutions extend from initial evaluations of potential, through training and knowledge transfer, all the way to investments in energy plants and fuel supply chains.

Seeking for a partner?

Wenet can help when you need a reliable partner for collaboration on sustainable energy schemes. Wenet has been involved in several international or nationla projects focusing on knowledge transfer.