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Case studies

Wenet arranges tailored show-how’s, study tours or education and training courses in Finland.
Hundreds of specialists visit Eastern Finland every year to see innovative energy schemes in action. Such visits facilitate the spread of know-how and technologies to other parts of the world.

Eastern Finland represents a major concentration of expertise as a centre for research, training, machine and equipment manufacture as well as local energy business development. The region has hundreds of bioenergy heating facilities and power or CHP plants of various sizes.

The region is particularly a centre of excellence of harvesting and combustion technologies, heat-retaining stove manufacturing and modern district heating systems, and local companies have become international market leaders in this field.

1. District heating

Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. District heating is a reliable and environmentally friendly form of heating for residential areas. District heating also saves energy. The most savings can be achieved by combining heating and electricity production (CHP, Combined Heat and Power), which allows almost 90 percent of the energy in fuel to be used. District heating is widely recognised as a means of abating climate change, and increasing the use of district heating is considered the single most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Downtown heating centre

The downtown heating centre in Eno is one of the newest plants in Eno and is owned by Eno Energy Cooperative.

3. Eno district heating scheme

In the end of 1990's the municipality of Eno decided to substitute chips for oil as the heating material of its estates. There are now three heating plants running with chips and they are taken care of by Eno Energy Cooperative. Shift to utilising local energy material has provided more jobs in the municipality and at the same time the carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 2,7 million kilograms annually.

4. Heating centre Pätsi

Heating centre Pätsi warms up the municipal offices, the health care centre, Palvelukeskus Hopearinne, the Kultaniitty retirement home, and a housing association. The total heated area is 13000 m2.

5. Heating centre Roihu

The heating centre Roihu provides heat for the schools of Tuupovaara and Kankaanmäki, a day care centre, sports hall, and a teachers' dormitory. In total, the heated area is 11000 m2.

6. Hospice Iltarauha

Before 2005 the hospice was heat with light oil. Nowadays, pellets are used and oil is rather kept as a contigency.

The combustion process is optimised by installing two boilers (250 kW and 120 kW) side by side. These boilers can then be used according to the demand for heat.

The pellet plant is mostly self-made.

7. Kaprakka heating centre

The facilities of Kaprakka education centre are heated with wood chips fnine months a year. The heating centre is mainly made of domestic resources.

8. Kiihtelysvaara palvelukeskus

The Kiihtelysvaara Palvelukeskus and Suojapirtti are both heated with a pellet boiler. Altogether, the heated space is 10300 m3. The boiler was introduced in 2000.

9. Kuhmo - perfect example of local bioenergy production

 The town of Kuhmo is a perfect example of cooperation between local businesses to produce bioenergy. The least valuable part of a tree, the bark, is used as fuel in local plants. More valuable raw materials are processed into high-quality fuel: briquettes and pellets.

The heating of our buildings is based on efficient use of district heating and on having active heating production businesses. Pure wood charcoal, the by-product left over from energy production, is used as a nutrient in local peatland forests.

10. Kylmäoja heating plant

Kylmäoja heating plant heats approximately 30000 m3 of school, day care centre and a sports hall.

The boiler is equipped with a drum dryer before the fixed grate. The design of the boiler is enabling the user the burn chips with a high moisture content.

11. Large-scale biomass boiler

Design and manufacture in Varkaus. Andritz is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial plants, systems and services for pulp, paper and energy industry. The company supplies products for wood processing, fibre analysis, chemical recovery, mass flow and energy production applications.

Andritz Group is an international corporation headquartered in Austria. The expertise and process know-how of the Finnish subsidiary play important roles in the group’s worldwide business. The Finnish subsidiary is headquartered in Helsinki, and it has o  ces in Varkaus, Hollola, Kotka, Savonlinna, and Tampere.


12. Monastery of Valamo

The monastery comprises more than ten buildings, out of which the hotel and the art conservation institure are the largest. The heating facility provides heat for the whole complex of 40 000 cubic metres.

13. Niittylahti heating plant

The resorts for heating are the school of Niittylahti and a day care centre. in total, the heated volume is approximately 20 000m3.

The municipality of Pyhäselkä possesses five heating facilities using pellets (warming up the schools and day care centres of Suhmura and Rekivaara, and the municipal office of Hammaslahti).

14. Reijola heating plant

Reijola heating plant is the latest heating facility in Pyhäselkä using wood energy.

15. The Pursiala Power Plant

The Pursiala Power Plant is known to be an environmentally-friendly producer of electricity and heat. It produces electricity by burning wood and peat that are domestic and harvested nearby areas. Heat generated in electricity production is recovered for the district heating network. 

Pursiala Power Plant has received EKOenergia ecolabel and environmental issues were taken into consideration in building stage of the power plant.

16. Uimaharju heating centre

Uimaharju heating centre is one of the newest centres in the municipality and is owned by Eno Energy Cooperative.

17. Upper town heating centre

At the moment there are three wood energy heating plants in Eno. The one in the upper town was to first to start operating. It was built by the municipality and run by Eno Energy Cooperative.

18. Vapo Oy Voima, Teollisuustie Heating Centre

There are 176 clients in the district heating network of Teollisuustie Heating Centre. The total heated space is 741 995 m3. The utilisation rate of the centre is 95-98 per cent.

The fuel used in the heating centre is sorted: chip of best quality (dry chip) is reserved for the winter and chip of worse quality is used for the summer.

The wet chip is burned in the grate and the dryer chip in the carburettor.


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